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About Texas Wesleyan

At Texas Wesleyan, we are a small school with a Texas-sized history. Get to know a little more about us as we celebrate our 125th anniversary.

Our mission at Texas Wesleyan University is to develop students to their full potential as individuals and as members of the world community. Founded in 1890, Texas Wesleyan is a United Methodist institution with a liberal arts and sciences tradition and a focus on career preparation. 


125th Anniversary Events

This year we're going to Texas-size our 125th anniversary celebrations.

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Spring, 2016

Texas Wesleyan's Early Years

From our founding in 1890, Texas Wesleyan has earned a Texas-sized reputation that has only grown in recent years. Here is a look backward to see how much has changed from our early years, and how much hasn’t.

Poly Years-man basketball team
THE POLY YEARS, 1891 - 1914

Polytechnic College of the Methodist Episcopal Church South opened its doors in September 1891 on a 25-acre campus.

Polytechnic College Basketball Team, 1913

THE POLY YEARS, 1891 - 1914

The campus included a wooden dorm, a frame chapel and a brick classroom building to serve its 105 students and 11 faculty.

First May Fete 1915

In 1911, the Polytechnic College lost a fight to become the primary college for a Methodist education in Texas to the newly proposed Southern Methodist University.

First May Fete, 1915

Dan Waggoner Hall, 1917

On May 13, 1914 trustees changed Poly to Texas Woman’s College, opening doors to 317 girls and eight faculty members to fill their six buildings.

Dan Waggoner Hall

Groundbreaking for Stella Russell Hall

In fall of 1934, women welcomed men in their classes as day students while they awaited a newly built men’s dorm.

Groundbreaking for Stella Russell Hall

Greek Life, 1984-85

In March, trustees changed the name to Texas Wesleyan College. The little-college-that-could would bear the name proudly for 54 years. In 1989, we became Texas Wesleyan University.

Greek Life, 1984-85

Campus News

In our 125th year, we're making "Smaller. Smarter" our history. Take the time to see more news about our campus, students, alumni, faculty and staff in our anniversary year.


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