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About English & Spanish

Do you want a degree that gives you options? Check out the Department of English & Foreign Language.

As an English major, you're learning about the relationship between rhetoric, communication, marketing, history, arts and so much more. Maximize what you can do after graduation with your Bachelor of Arts in English. You'll be ready to jumpstart your career or apply to graduate school in areas such as political science, public administration, library science, ministry and more.

As a Spanish major, you'll develop written and spoken fluency, gain an understanding of the Hispanic culture and more. In your classes, you'll sharpen your skills and prepare to study major Spanish-language literary works. The possibilities are endless. You'll graduate ready teach the language, become a translator or even continue your studies in graduate school.

Are you already fluent in Spanish?

Students who major in Spanish and are already fluent (or practically fluent) can take an assessment exam and receive credit for up to nine out of the required 36 hours for a major (24 for a minor). Talk to your advisor today about how to test out of your classes.

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