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Degree Plans

Graduate Quickly with Employable Skills

As a liberal studies major, you'll choose classes from different areas of the University that best fit your needs, with a focus on one or two clusters. The flexibility of our LBS program allows you to graduate quickly. For example, you could transfer in upwards of 75 hours and graduate in a year-and-a-half – or faster with our summer options – after fulfilling the requirement of 45 hours taken from TXWES.

LBS Degree Requirements Overview

Overall Requirements

120 hours to graduate from Texas Wesleyan

  • 45 hours need to be taken at Texas Wesleyan, and 24 of those hours need to be upper level

  • 45 credit hours of General Education Credit (GEC) is required, though you do not have to complete GEC courses at Texas Wesleyan. They can be transferred in.

Major Requirements

  • ENG 3310 Advanced Writing

  • PHI 2301 Logic

  • Capstone Experience: HUM 4343 Saints, Sages and Social Reformers

Then 36 hours in major cluster(s)

Choose one or two clusters and complete a minimum of 9 hours in each selected cluster. At least 18 hours must be upper division. If only one cluster is chosen, courses from at least two disciplines must be taken. 18 hours can be any level from any university.

Cluster I: Humanities
English Mass Communications
Fine Arts/Art/Music/Theater Religion/Philosophy
History Pre Professional (3PR)
Literature & Languages  
Cluster II: Social Sciences
Counseling Political Science
Education Psychology
Paralegal Studies Sociology
Criminal Justice  
Cluster III: Business
Accounting International Business
Business Administration Management
Computer Information Systems Management Information Systems
Economics/Finance Marketing
Cluster IV: Math/Science
Computer Science Science
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