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Master of Health Science

You're a CRNA who needs a master's degree. Our online Master of Health Science program lets you get it on a schedule that fits your needs.

Year 1

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
ANE 6201 Professional Aspects of Anesthesia 2
ANE 6411 Applied Chemistry for the Nurse Anesthetist 4
ANE 6421 Advanced Pharmacology 4
ANE 6641 Advanced Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology I 6

Spring Semester 

Course Credit Hours
ANE 6231 Research Methods in Nurse Anesthesia 2
ANE 6414 Advanced Physical and Health Assessment 4
ANE 6422 Advanced Anesthesia Pharmacology 4
ANE 6442 Advanced Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology II 4

Summer I Semester

Course Credit Hours
ANE 6603 Principles of Anesthesia Practice I 6

Summer II Semester 

Course Credit Hours
ANE 6605 Principles of Anesthesia Practice II 6

Total Credit Hours: 43

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Download My Degree Plan

This is an example degree plan meant to guide you while you're planning your course schedule each semester. This is not an inflexible schedule that you have to follow exactly.