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GPNA student experience moves to the next level with simulation symposium

06.16.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Students gain experience in simulation lab.

Nurse anesthesia students are gearing up to attend the inaugural Simulation Symposium at Texas Wesleyan on June 26 - 29. The 110 first-year nurse anesthesia students will rotate through 10 different simulations, which include ultrasound, central lines and regional blocks.

These students will be the first to experience the additional simulation training created to further develop students' applied knowledge and prepare them for residency.

Building skills and confidence without risk

Simulation is becoming more popular in healthcare, and for good reason. It allows students to practice what they've learned in the classroom without the pressure of real patients facing potentially life-threatening problems.

Lauren Hays, current nurse anesthesia student, is preparing for the symposium by reviewing the procedures she will practice there.

"Simulation is my favorite part of learning," said Hays. "It helps me develop and perfect my procedures, so I'll be confident when I step into the operating room."

Texas Wesleyan faculty is committed to exploring, experimenting and implementing new simulation scenarios to develop the best learning environment. 

Michele Ardigo, assistant professor, is in charge of the GPNA simulation lab and its development. Her three years of simulation experience and doctoral research in simulation best practices allows Texas Wesleyan to make transformational changes in student-learning environments.

"Simulation is a rapidly developing and constantly evolving environment, which must be continually evaluated and changed for best student utilization," said Ardigo. "It is paramount to consistently implement new simulations within the laboratory."

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