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Lisa Graham, GPNA Admissions Coordinator
Lisa Graham
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Connect With Lisa Graham
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What a graduate degree can do for you

"Getting a MSNA degree opens the door to a rewarding career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. With your degree, you can sit for board exams and become a CRNA. You'll get a higher salary, more autonomy and challenging work."

"Getting a DNAP degree opens the door to elevating your career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. The program is designed to provide enhancement of the CRNAs current scientific knowledge and to develop skills in management, nurse anesthesia education, and healthcare administration."


What you'll learn

"As part of the MSNA program, you'll not only learn the ins and outs of anesthesia theory, but you'll also learn to be a critical thinker. From our state-of-art simulation lab to our wide-variety of clinical site options, each student can get the experience needed to become a leader in the field of anesthesia."

"The DNAP program builds upon the scientific and leadership knowledge that the student gained during her/his Master’s Degree nurse anesthesia education as well as from her/his professional practice experience gained as a CRNA. The successful student will develop advanced critical thinking skills, enforce evidence-based clinical practices, and learn processes to improve interdisciplinary collaboration."


Why you should work with a counselor

"I’ve been helping students apply for over five years and know all about the application process. While we’re a big program, the largest in the nation, we live by the “Smaller. Smarter.” Texas Wesleyan promise. I’m here for you, whether that’s answering requirement questions, giving a campus tour or talking through the best MSNA clinical site for you."

"I’m here for you, whether that’s answering admission requirement questions or talking you through your DNAP degree plan."

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