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Payment & Tax Statement Dates

Third Party Payment Recipients

Contact the cashier's office each semester if you receive tuition reimbursement from a third-party payer – like Texas Tomorrow Fund, DARS or Veteran benefits – to make sure it's paid. You'll also need to fill out the agreement form and acknowledgment form, and return them to the cashier's office. Third Party billings are subject to change.  Should the billing not pay off the student account, the student is responsible for the balance.

1098-T Tax Statements for Tuition

These forms are available on Ramlink by January 31 and are based on a calendar Jan. 1 - Dec. 31. To download your 1098-T:

1. Sign into Ramlink    
2. Look under "Financial Information:
3. Click "View My 1098-T Forms" and print
How Do I Pay My Bill?

How Can I Pay?

You can pay by mail, in person or online. 

Pay by Mail

Send your payment to: 

ATTN: Cashier's Office
Texas Wesleyan University
1201 Wesleyan St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76105

Please allow 3-4 business days mailing time to make sure the payment is received on or before the due date. 

Pay Online

Pay online for current semester with e-Cashier by logging into your Ramlink account.

1. Log in
2. Click on Make a Payment, located under the Financial
Information section
3. Authenticate your student ID number, birth date and 
choose your term.
4. Choose the "pay in full" option once you have logged into

How Do I Access My Account Balance?

The Texas Wesleyan Cashier's Office is paperless. Students may access their account balance through Ramlink, select Student Account Statement. Payment reminders and other important account information will be sent to your university email account. 

Payment Policy

Payment is due by the due date specified. All tuition, fees and other costs should be paid at the Cashier's Office before then. If registration occurs after that date, then payment is due upon registration. Payment plans should be set up by payment due date. If you don't pay on time, you may be withdrawn from your classes. You will be responsible for all past due balances, and if you are reinstated to class, you will be charged a late registration fee when you re-register. 

Due Dates for Registration Payments

  1. Fall: August 5
  2. Summer: May 5
  3. Spring:  December 5

Delinquent Accounts

If you have a past due account, you'll have a hold placed on your student record. If your account is past due, you may be removed from classes, not receive a transcript or participate in graduation.  The student is  responsible for all unpaid balances. In the event your account becomes delinquent and is placed with an outside agency for collection, all collection and legal fees will be the responsibility of the student. 

Refund Policy

Beginning refund dates per term are posted on the Cashier’s office website.

After the first disbursement of financial aid onto the student account, within 10 business days a refund check will be issued to the student. The student will receive an email to their university email account, telling them the day the check will be available for pickup. Students must present their student ID card to pick up a refund check.

Unless cashiers office is notified by email, checks will be held for pickup for two weeks. After the two weeks they will be mailed to the address on file.

Refund checks will be issued every week for any remaining credits on the student account after the first disbursement.

How are Added/Dropped Classes Refunded?

Change of Schedule - Add/Drop

After registration, you can only change your schedule during the add/drop period. You cannot add classes after the first week of class. Tuition and fee charges for any course dropped before the first day* of class will be totally refunded. Tuition and fees for classes dropped on the first class day are credited using a formula:

  • Courses dropped within 5% of the class calendar days are credited at 80%
  • Courses dropped within 10% of the class calendar days are credited at 60%
  • There is no refund for any course after 10% of the class calendar days.

*Classes dropped on the same day as class starts will be subject to penalty.

Financial Aid Adjustment Policy:

Hours of enrollment are reveiwed by the Office of Financial Aid up until the 12th class day for fall and spring terms and on the 3rd day of all summer terms. Your cost of attendance and financial aid awards will be adjusted to your hours of enrollment up to the 12th day of the term.

If you drop or are dropped prior to the 12th class day, you may be required to repay some of or all of the aid disbursed to you.

If you add credit hours prior to the 12th class day, your financial aid package may be adjusted to reflect  your increased enrollment.

Some institutional funding requires full time enrollment, therefore, if you drop below full time, this aid will be removed. If you are on the tuition wiaver, and you drop or withdraw, the waiver may be removed. Even though the funding is removed, you may owe the tuition and fee costs.

If you drop credit hours or withdraw after the 12th class day, your financial aid package will  be adjusted, and may leave a balance on your account. Withdraw from all classes. If you drop hours, you may not meet the renewal requirements for some aid programs.  If you withdraw from all courses and you have been awarded Title IV funding, we are required to complete a R2T4 (Return to Title IV) calculation and return funding that is not earned. If we return funding, you may owe a balance at the Cashier's Office. Any unpaid balance must be paid prior registration for a future term.

How Are Withdrawals Refunded?

If you want to drop all classes, you must withdraw from the University. Check the Withdrawals/Drop Section in the University catalog to learn more. 

Fees Refund

Fees will not be refunded if you withdraw from the University after the official first day of class. 

Tuition Refunds

If you formally withdraw from the University before the end of 20% of class time is up, you are only eligible for refund of tuition and   room and board charges, except for select first-time students and Title IV aid recipients. 
If you do not follow the University's formal withdrawal process as set by the Office of Student Records you forfeit your refund. Withdrawal tuition refunds are calculated on a class-by-class basis. For refund purposes, the official first day of class is the first   regularly scheduled day of each class in the University's class schedule. To withdraw, students should contact the Office of Student Records
The total withdrawal refund formula: 

  • 100% credit before the first day* of classes
  • 80% credit if 5% or less of the class calendar days
  • 60% credit if 5.01% to 10% of the class calendar days
  • 40% credit if 10.01% to 15% of the class calendar days
  • 20% credit if 15.01% to 20% of the class calendar days
  • No credit will be given after 20% of the class calendar days

*Withdrawals processed on the same day as class starts will be subject to penalty.

The University Catalog is the standard for ruling on all policy matters. Please refer to it for more information and more detailed policy descriptions.

Student Responsiblity Policy

I understand that once I am registered and enrolled in classes at Texas Wesleyan University, a contractual financial obligation to pay tuition and fees is created.   I acknowledge that all financial transactions including, but not limited to, tuition based on registration, fees, housing, and dining, will be posted to my account and the university will extend classes and services to me in anticipation of payment.

I assume full responsibility for either, paying tuition and fees in full by the prescribed due date, or I will notify Texas Wesleyan University by the payment due date.. This includes giving notice of dropping courses, or officially withdrawing from the university.  I understand that my registration is not automatically cancelled for non-attendance of classes and it is solely my responsibility to notify the university if I am not attending. Failure to do so may result in financial charges to my account.

I agree that all communication regarding this financial commitment, including my official 1098-T tax form, will be conducted through university email, or Ramlink or Web Portal, but if I fail to respond, I give permission to the university to contact me by other means so that the university may address collection of the account.

The Texas Education Code section 54.007 states that students have the following options for paying tuition and fees for fall and spring semesters.

  1. Full payment of tuition and fees not later than the date set by the university.

  2. Payment in installments under one or more payment plans options for fall and spring semesters.


Further, I acknowledge that registering and enrolling in classes constitutes a financial obligation between me and Texas Wesleyan University for my educational purposes, and any unpaid balance constitutes an educational loan for which I am obligated to pay.

I authorize the agents or contractors of Texas Wesleyan University, including collection agencies, to contact me regarding any unpaid student accounts or any balance owed to Texas Wesleyan University, at my personal email, phone/s, whether cell, wireless, or other devices, using automated telephone dialing  equipment, voice recording, text messages, or personal contact.

I understand that my unpaid balances will result in financial holds on my student records. I will remain responsible for unpaid balance, and will be responsible for collection fees, and/or subsequent reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

I understand that the choice of law for the enforcement of this agreement shall be the statutes and laws of the State of Texas.

I agree that the electronic signature created when I engage the “I agree” button below represents my contract signature with Texas Wesleyan University.

International De-registration Policy

To maintain student enrollment and school reporting mandated by federal immigration law, international students not participating in a recognized student sponsorship program are deregistered from classes and removed from school on University-chosen but published deregistration date(s) unless a) the student pays in full for the current term by the deadline or b) the student successfully enrolls in and maintains compliance with a University-approved payment plan by the appropriate deadlines.

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