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Reminders from IT Academic Services

10.02.2017 | By:

Greetings Texas Wesleyan Faculty,

IT Academic Services would like to share these significant announcements relating to Instructional Applications:

PsychData Sunsetting
Qualtrics is the current university-supported survey solution.  As previously announced in DEC ’16 and AUG ’17, support for the legacy tool (PsychData) is coming to an end.  After Thursday, February 1, 2018, all PsychData accounts and surveys will be disabled and deleted by PsychData, and will no longer be retrievable. Existing PsychData users who have not yet contacted ITAS to confirm your migration plans (or lack thereof), please take action and complete this one-question survey as soon as possible:

Blackboard Content Collection
The Blackboard Content Collection will be fully deployed for the upcoming Spring 2018 term.  Content Collection allows instructors to store and find content in personal, course, and institution folders in Blackboard, and link to these files in different areas of your course. This functionality has been partially available in Texas Wesleyan’s Blackboard environment since the first of the year, and day-to-day course management and development may not change at all for many instructors.  The full release of the Blackboard Content Collection will allow for some new ways to store and share content for those that opt to use them (including the addition of a Content Collection folder associated to individual faculty/staff users in Blackboard). 

Blackboard Drive
Blackboard Content Collection also allows for the option to make use of Blackboard Drive, a client desktop application that allows desktop access to the Content Collection tab by mapping it as a shared network drive (a lettered drive on Windows). Blackboard Drive promises better reliability, a more consistent experience, and improved user efficiency when compared to the older WebDav/Web Folder tool in Blackboard.  Watch this video for a quick introduction to Blackboard Drive. Information on downloading/installing Blackboard Drive can be found in Blackboard by navigating to the Faculty tab (Blackboard Applications Support sub-tab). 

Blackboard Course Merge Requests - Spring 2018 Term
The deadline for requesting merged sections in Blackboard for the Spring 2018 term is rapidly approaching.  If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course this spring and would like to merge them into a single virtual classroom in Blackboard, please fill out the request form before the Thursday, December 14, 2017 deadline. Upon receipt, IT - Academic Services will process your merge request and follow up via Service Desk work order. Please be sure to submit your request by December 14.  Once the semester has started, requests for section merging in Blackboard will not be approved by the Office of the Provost.

For questions or support requests related to these applications and services, please contact the Service Desk. 

To report service disruptions or performance issues occurring during normal business hours, contact:
Service Desk


Office of Information Technology
1201 Wesleyan Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76105

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