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ASC weekly focus: Five ways to improve your writing

02.02.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Do you find yourself struggling when writing papers for class?

We can always tell when the first wave of papers is due in the semester. Students are frantically making appointments with writing tutors. 

Did you know that a writing tutor can help you at any stage in your writing process? In fact, the earlier, the better. Whether you need help understanding the assignment, brainstorming a topic, organizing your thoughts or grammar, the Academic Success Center writing tutors are an excellent resource.

Five tips from our tutors to help improve your writing:

  1. Review the assignment as soon as you receive it. It's better to have any questions clarified early in the writing process than three hours before the paper is due.
  2. Make a plan for your paper. Plan out time for brainstorming, researching, writing and editing.
  3. Eliminate all distractions, including Facebook, Snapchat and Netflix. It's impossible to write clearly with constant interruptions.
  4. Step away from your paper after each writing phase. Go back and read it aloud with a fresh mind. You will be amazed at the errors you can catch on your own.
  5. Plan your writing time around your most productive time of the day. 

Come by the Academic Success Center to meet our writing tutors, Caitlyn, Devon, Katherine, Kime, McKenzie, Morgan and Tori. They are experts at helping you during any phase of the writing process.

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