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ASC Wednesday Wisdom: Practice the study cycle for success in your classes

09.27.2017 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Two students studying in the Academic Success Center.

Have you taken some time to evaluate your progress in each class so far this semester?

As we are nearing mid-semester, it is a great time to do this. Perhaps you need to change up your study habits to improve your performance. Learning is a continual process that should occur every day, not just the night before a test. 

If you attended Dr. Saundra McGuire's presentation last week, you heard about the study cycle. The Study Cycle provides a great "outline" for productive study habits.

What does the Study Cycle Consist of:

  1. Preview before class - Skim the chapter, makes notes and formulate questions.
  2. Attend class - Not only attend class but be engaged during class.
  3. Review after class - Review your notes as soon as possible after class to fill in any missing information.
  4. Study - Repetition is the key.
  5. Assess your learning - Perform reality checks. Are you using effective study methods and do you really know the information?

According to Kayla Fuller, Learning Strategies Graduate Assistant at Louisiana State University, the Study Cycle is a 5-step process that helps students learn how to retain information efficiently and effectively. It is one of the best ways to start studying at the college level.

Want to learn more about The Study Cycle by watching this Youtube video from LSU.

The Academic Success Center is always available for support not only in your coursework but also to help you improve your study skills. 

Come visit the ASC to see how we can help you get on track for the semester.

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