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Top 5 tips to make studying for finals a breeze

12.04.2013 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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Finals are just around the corner, and the Academic Success Center (ASC) has some great tips to help you get through your exams with ease.

Stop by during finals week to fine tune your study strategy or just to see how the ASC can help you excel in the classroom during the upcoming semester. If you're in the library, keep an eye out for the ASC staff - they'll be coming around to pass out snacks to students during the next several days.

In the meantime, check out their top 5 finals study tips.

1. Study, Don't Cram

Paced, scheduled study times lead to understanding what you're trying to learn. Cramming the night before doesn't work, we promise.

During finals, we encourage students to come to the ASC and use our laptops for any research or study needs they have, and to make tutoring appointments as needed. We also have a great collection of study resources and tip sheets available for students.

We're here to help you study in a way that will help you be successful. 

2. Think Positive

Try not to stress, and avoid anxiety with positive thoughts.

If you struggle with test anxiety or any other academic concerns, you can always schedule an individual appointment with Michael Greer, director of the ASC, to get the help you need. We can even schedule a time to test in the quiet room if you need testing accommodations for a disability.

3. Be Organized

Know the exact day, time, and location for each of your finals - they may not be your regular class time.

4. Make Sleep a Priority

Get plenty of sleep so that your mind is sharp. Our brains don't work without rest!

5. Work with Peers

Collaborate with your fellow students and form study groups. Your peers are a great resource! We have round tables in the ASC that are great for study groups.

You can do this, and the ASC can help!

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