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History program announces 7-week hybrid courses

03.25.2019 | By:
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Beginning in Fall 2019, the history program will offer 7-week Hybrid Courses over the first and second sessions. The initiative, born out of assessment and direct student feedback, is meant to improve student performance in upper-level courses by providing content delivery online. This way, class time can be devoted to discussion and other interactive learning.

Courses will be offered in the same time slot, which will provide students with more flexibility for other courses. They will also be logically sequenced. For example, the initial course offerings will be HIS 3343-41 Renaissance, Reformation, and the Rise of Nation States (Tuesdays 7-9:30 p.m., Fall 7-week session 1) and HIS 4340-40 Modern Latin America (Tuesdays 7-9:30 p.m., Fall 7-Week session 2). While HIS 3343 sets the stage for Early Modern European expansion, exploration and colonization, HIS 4340 shows how those European colonies in Latin America gain independence and become modern states.  

In the fall, students needing two upper-level history or social science courses will be able to use the same time slot-Tuesdays, 7-9:30 p.m.-and earn six hours of credit, instead of just three. For those students who normally enroll in 15 credit hours, enrolling in both of these hybrid 7-week courses translates into having no more than four class preparations at any one time during the regular semester. Of course, students needing only one course will be able to enroll either for the first or second 7-Week terms.

Research shows that hybrid courses offer a variety of benefits that improve student learning and performance. They provide flexibility for students who are juggling schedules and priorities, and offer face-to-face interaction and discussion time that is largely absent in fully online or traditional lecture courses. Students who enroll and participate in hybrid courses can expect to do well! 

The history program plans to increase the number of 7-Week hybrid courses to four by Spring 2020, with both day and evening offerings.

For more information about these 7-week hybrid or any other history courses, see your advisor or contact Dr. Christopher Ohan.