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Welcome to the general business program. Find out more about getting your BBA in Business.
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How a business degree can help you build your own business

Do you have the passion for leadership or a business idea that you want to develop from scratch? Then entrepreneurship may be for you—and getting a general business degree will help you turn your idea into the next big success.

General business courses will start from the beginning, setting you up with the base knowledge you need to get started. From there, you’ll start digging deep and applying those basics to more specific topics by choosing business electives that fit your interests. For instance, Business Law will help you examine the industry from a legal perspective, which could help if your business has a legal question.

Maybe your big idea could take hold outside of the United States. International Business will break down how practices are different around the world.

You’ll even get the chance to step out of the classroom and see a company work firsthand during an internship. There, you’ll learn from professionals and study their business practices, which you might be inspired to incorporate into your own company.

A general business degree will give you the tools to make your business goals happen. Texas Wesleyan’s BBA in general business covers all the topics above and more to help you become a mover and shaker in the business world.

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