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How much can you earn with your general business degree?

With a general business degree, you have options – and most of those options pay pretty well just starting out. If you aren’t sure exactly where you want your career to take you, that’s okay! A business degree opens the door to many different job opportunities, and allows you to change your career path if you decide the first stop isn’t right. Here are five paths you can take and how much you could make.

Logistics Operations Coordinator

With online shopping taking over, logistics is where it’s at these days. With packages going back and forth between companies and customers, transportation efficiency is more important than ever before. Ever heard that UPS trucks only take rights? (No seriously, have you heard? Comment below if you know the truth on that.) This entry-level position starts off making around $46,000. Become a transportation, storage and distribution manager and you’re getting closer to six figures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average annual salary is around $92,460.

Communications Coordinator

Wondering how this made the list of business degree jobs? Having a business degree gives you the foundation to help communicate messages from different business departments. Communications is the core of everything. Bad communication equals major problems. And I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s so true: Good communication is the key to success. Now times that by 10 for a company. The more people in a company, the higher the need for communications.

As a communications coordinator, you could be doing things like sending out key notices to employees, updating website content or writing emails to customers. You could also be handling sensitive communication about emergencies or pitching stories to media. Keep in mind that if you aren’t tech savvy, this is probably not the role for you. Communications is becoming more and more electronic and web-based. If grammar discussions are your thing or if you tend to over-communicate, this may be a perfect fit.

Interested in running a company’s communications team? This role could be the first step in building your business resume. Communications coordinators make an average of just over $43,000 per year.


Accountants are all about the money - the company’s money that is. They balance budgets, pay taxes and keep the president or board in the know about the company’s finances. If the company wants to start a new project or predict revenue, the accountant is their go-to person. Accountants historically make good money. While the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has the median salary at $40,240 a year, their earning potential can go into six figures. It’s a technical career that involves numbers, but not high-level math, so don’t let that scare you.

Investment Analyst

Maybe keeping a close eye on Wall Street is interesting to you. An investment analyst does just that, working to find ways to take advantage of trends to benefit their clients. The average salary for an investment analyst is right around $71,000.

The numbers above are just the beginning. The hiring company, demand for your ideal career and your level of schooling can play big roles in how much you get paid. But no matter what, it all starts with a general business degree, and Texas Wesleyan’s can help start you on the path toward big bucks.

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