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The jobs and fields you can pursue with a business degree

If you have a passion for business but aren’t quite sure what exactly you want to pursue, then a general business degree may be for you. By learning basic business principles, there will be no shortage of positions you’ll be ready to take on. Here are just a few.

Marketing Manager

Oversee a company or product’s marketing strategy by becoming a marketing manager. You’ll look closely at data to develop a plan for getting the word out on the services your company offers. You may negotiate contracts with vendors to help distribute your product or manage a team of marketing or sales professionals to make sure goals are being met.

Financial Planner

Maybe you’re looking for a role that not only taps on your business expertise, but helps people plan for their futures. That’s where financial planners come in. You’ll work with clients to determine their goals and make sure they are on track to meet them and make recommendations on the best ways to manage their money and investments. You’ll also need to be updated on current financial trends to make sure your clients aren’t missing out on key facts.


Take your interest in numbers and data into a role in accounting. Here, you’ll develop and keep track of financial data, including assets, profit and loss. You may analyze data to make predictions on future revenues and expenses. You may also be asked to prepare tax returns to make sure your company or clients are following tax laws.

These roles only scratch the surface of the career paths possible with a general business degree. Take your base knowledge and interests and turn them into a job you’ll love.

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