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CETL, QEP invite faculty to lunch presentation on critical thinking

10.21.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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The CETL and QEP team — in support of the University's critical thinking quality enhancement plan — invite all faculty to attend a keynote lunch presentation over the topic of Critical Thinking. 

There is a general consensus among educators that improving students’ critical thinking skills is a major goal of higher education. However, there is also some agreement that the educational system has not performed well in consistently producing critical thinkers. In fact, research suggests that traditional classroom instruction has little impact on students’ critical thinking skills.

Bill Reynolds, Ph.D., will present information intended to help faculty become more deliberate, explicit, and transparent in their incorporation of critical thinking content into their courses. He will introduce participants to a critical thinking framework conceptualized by philosopher Richard Paul and colleagues, as well as a perspective on critical thinking articulated by educator Stephen Brookfield.

Participants will be introduced to model activities that are directly applicable to their own classrooms.

About the Speaker

critical thinking speakerDr. Reynolds is an associate professor of social work and director of the Institute for Faculty Development at Stockton University. He is a co-facilitator of the Stockton Critical Thinking Institute, which provides workshops and coaching for faculty who seek strategies and activities to improve students' critical thinking skills.

Dr. Reynolds has conducted research on ethical issues of parent decision-making and informed consent in the context of pediatric medical research. He is currently investigating the impact of faculty training in critical thinking pedagogy on student learning outcomes.


When: Nov. 6, 2015
Where: Lou's Place
Time: Noon-1 p.m.

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