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Texas Wesleyan has two dining facilities on campus, Dora's Cafe and West Express Eatery. Dora's Cafe is our dine-in only facility that features breakfast, lunch and dinner with hot entrée options, a salad bar, a cereal bar and more.

The West Express Eatery (WEE) is an all-new dining option with a made-to-order concept to fit your grab-and-go or dine-in needs. This new dining location not only has sandwiches, but also quick snacking and beverage options for you in between classes. The WEE can satisfy all your caffeine and snacking needs.

Declining balance dollars can be used at the West Express Eatery and Dora's Cafe.


Residential Meal Plans 2018-19

Undergraduate students who live in the Residence Halls must select one of these options to satisfy the meal plan requirement. If a meal plan is not selected, the Platinum meal plan will be applied to your student account. However, if you are a graduate student living on campus or a commuter student who plans to spend a lot of time on campus, this option is available for purchase as well. 


  • Semester Cost: $2286.24 (includes tax) + Tax; Annual Cost: $4572.48 (includes tax)
  • The Platinum plan includes unlimited meals per week at Dora's Cafe plus $125 in declining balance dollars per semester. 


  • Semester Cost: $2286.24 (includes tax) + Tax; Annual Cost: $4572.48 (includes tax)
  • The Gold plan includes 15 meals per week at Dora's Cafe plus $150 declining balance dollars per semester.

Commuter Meal Plans 2018-19

Commuter students who would like a meal plan that fits their limited time on campus can choose from the options below. Commuter meal plans are only available for the semester purchased and the cost can be added to your student account. To sign up for a commuter meal plan, please visit the Residence Life office located in the Brown-Lupton Center, Suite 133.  

  • Block 80  Semester Cost: $782.65; Annual Cost: $1565.30 (includes tax)
    • Plan includes 80 meals a semester plus $125 declining balance per semester
  • Block 50  Semester Cost: $609.45; Annual Cost: $1218.90 (includes tax)
    • Plan includes 50 meals a semester plus $150 declining balance per semester
  • Block 16  Semester Cost: $315.01; Annual Cost: $630.02 (includes tax)
    • Plan includes 16 meals a semester plus $150 declining balance per semester
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