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Interfaith Leadership minor

Transforming the world by transforming lives

The goal of Interfaith Leadership at Texas Wesleyan University is to create compassionately critical thinkers informed about and responsive to the religious and cultural dynamics in diverse settings, such as criminal justice, healthcare, education and business. The current state of religious illiteracy, social injustice and environmental crisis highlights the need for more people equipped with skills for navigating differences while seeking commonality. Following the words of John Wesley to "do good of every possible sort, and, as far as is possible, to all," leaders trained in interfaith skills through our minor will help to make the world a better place through promoting more mutual understanding, empathy and compassion.

Here's a possible path of courses you might take for the minor 


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Interfaith Leadership Minor Sample Degree Plan

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Interfaith Leadership Minor

Faculty Mentoring and Experiential Learning

Having broad latitude in choosing courses, Interfaith Leadership minors will collaborate with their advisors in crafting their own unique area of concentration. The path of study for minors may be enhanced by an internship or service learning.

Minor Requirements

Interfaith Leadership

REL 1323 Introduction to Interfaith Leadership 3 Credits

REL 3315 Interfaith Leadership 3 Credits

any 3 hours of religion electives


and any 9 hours of advanced religion courses (3000 or above) 9 Credits
Total Credit Hours: 18