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Dr. Sinan Yildirim talks home improvement loans in Ask the Experts feature

11.15.2021 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Sinan Yildirim faculty 2015

Sinan Yildirim, Ph.D., professor of finance at Texas Wesleyan’s School of Business Administration, shared his expertise on home improvement loans in an Ask the Experts feature on the personal finance website WalletHub. 

Looking for a home improvement loan? Yildirim gives advice on what consumers should consider when planning for a home improvement project and goes over different types of funding sources. 

“Cash, credit cards, home equity loans and personal loans are different funding options for home improvement projects,” Yildirim told WalletHub. “Cash is the most straightforward option, but consumers should keep in mind opportunity costs associated with using cash from a savings account or other sources.” 

Read Dr. Yildirim’s full comments on WalletHub.

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