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Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program

‌The purpose of the Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program is to enrich academic life at Texas Wesleyan University by offering challenging, thought-provoking classes taken by academically curious and motivated students.

The Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program offers two different ways to graduate from Texas Wesleyan with honors: University Honors and Departmental Honors

Students who qualify for this program will:

Participate in either University Honors or Departmental Honors or both.

  1. University Honors: participate in small seminar classes taught by outstanding scholars in their fields.
  2. Departmental Honors: work individually with a professor in your major field to develop a research project that will expand knowledge in your area of interest.

Upon successful completion of either or both programs students will receive Honors recognition on their diplomas.

Perks for Honors students:

  1. Study lounge in the library only for honors students
  2. Books for all seminars provided
  3. Public presentation of research at University College Day for Departmental Honors students
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Honors Program

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