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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online

Scholarships & Aid

Applying for financial aid is simple.

Apply for Scholarships & Aid in 3 easy steps

Applying for scholarships and aid is the first step toward making your top-tier Texas Wesleyan education more affordable. We’re here to help you make your college experience affordable and help you through every step of the financial aid process. Let’s get started.

1. Complete your application. For all types of students (Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral, Online)

You'll get your scholarship and financial aid offer after you submit your admission application and you're admitted to Texas Wesleyan. Complete your Texas Wesleyan application today.  

2. File your FAFSA. If students want to apply for Federal, State and Institutional Aid.

Do this as soon as possible to get the greatest amount of aid. Fill it out via the web, or call 1-800-4-FED-AID for a paper version. When you fill out the FAFSA, you will need our school code, so don't forget it. Texas Wesleyan' school code is 003645.

You may use last year's tax return or the prior year's tax return to complete your FAFSA. You will need to apply for an FSA ID to complete your FAFSA. To apply, go to

3. Review your info with Ramlink.

You can complete any missing information or review your awards by logging into your Ramlink account.

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