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New York Times bestselling author revealed as TXWES alumnus

05.20.2020 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Photo Collage of Author Tom Huff

Pictured above: a collage of books by author Tom Huff under various pen names, along with a portrait of Huff.  Credit: Mike Nichols, Hometown by Handlebar 

In 1968, Tom Huff 60 quit his job at as an English teacher at nearby Paschal High School to become a full-time novelist.  

The 6-foot tall Army veteran wrote romance novels and, concerned that women wouldn’t read romance written by a man (it was 1968, after all), began publishing his work under various pseudonyms to disguise his gender.  

His most famous book was Love’s Tender Fury, which was published under Jennifer Wilde, his most successful alias, spent 26 weeks on the New York Times paperback Best Sellers list and has sold over 3 million copies.  

Read the original post by Mike Nichols to learn more about the life and times of this local legend.

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