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Check out the TXWES Top 10 media stories of 2017

12.20.2017 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
2017 was a big year in the news media for “Smaller. Smarter.” Check out our list of the biggest stories of the year and tell us your favorites in the comment section.

2017 was a big year in the media for “Smaller. Smarter.” From a basketball championship and new projects on E. Rosedale, to our top-notch professors, super-hero students and a new football program, Texas Wesleyan stories showed Dallas-Fort Worth and the country what makes “smaller” smarter. Check out our list of some of the greatest stories of the year and tell us your favorites in the comments below.

1. Men’s Basketball team wins NAIA Division 1 National Championship!

2. Texas Wesleyan launches football program for first time in 76 years

3. Magnolia chef selects E. Rosedale and Texas Wesleyan for next restaurant

4. Rosedale Renaissance gets a funding boost from city council

5. Texas Wesleyan debuts new art gallery on E. Rosedale

6. Prized piano arrives at Texas Wesleyan

7. Texas Wesleyan launches new, completely online MBA

8. Texas Wesleyan student is a real-life superhero

9. Underwater graduation makes a splash

10. Faculty (and student!) experts in the news

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