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Watch: 'Nod Along, Not Off'

09.16.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Not along, not off. Watch the new commercial from Texas Wesleyan University.

It's a new year for "Smaller. Smarter.", and that means four new commercials are on the air, in movie theaters and on YouTube.

Check out the third of four ads that made their official debut Wednesday, Sept. 16, at President Frederick G. Slabach's watch party.

"Nod Along, Not Off"

You’re in class. The professor is droning on. You’re asleep. Does it get more disengaged than that?

At Texas Wesleyan, our educators are engaging and our classrooms are small? Why? Because we think you’ll learn more when you’re using your critical thinking skills — and when you’re awake. So catch up on your sleep after class. 

Watch the other commercials

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