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Stop means stop!

01.12.2017 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Stop Sign

Remember all of those inconvenient times the residence hall gates were blocked off because someone thought they had time to make it through before it closed? We do, too.

Texas Wesleyan recently installed stop signs at the exit gates of Stella Russell Hall and West Village drive. These timed gates are the main line of security for our students and have been down so frequently that it is time to put a STOP to it. Get it?

Observing the new traffic signs will keep exit gates working and your car undamaged. A nice benefit is that the campus community will thank you, too.

The signs hope to prevent damage to student’s vehicles when you are rushing to your next destination. When the gate is already open, make sure to stop at the sign. The weight of your car on the scale will register and restart the gate’s timer, and then you can exit campus safely. Head’s up; damage to your vehicle is not the only repercussion for not following the new signs.

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