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Psychology minor

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Psychology Minor Sample Degree Plan

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Psychology Minor

Minor Requirements


PSY 1301 General Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 2303 Foundations of Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 3392 Introduction to Counseling 3 Credits

any one of the following advanced courses:

PSY 3315 Social Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 3362 Psychology of Learning 3 Credits
PSY 3375 Cultural & International Issues in Psych 3 Credits
PSY 4362 History & Systems of Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 4364 Cognitive Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 4366 Psychology of Personality 3 Credits
PSY 4368 Behavioral Neuroscience 3 Credits

any one of the following applied courses:

PSY 2348 Human Sexuality 3 Credits
PSY 2399 Special Topics 3 Credits
PSY 3309 Death & Dying 3 Credits
PSY 3370 Drugs, Alcohol, and Human Behavior 3 Credits
PSY 3372 Crisis Intervention 3 Credits

and any 3 hours of advanced psychology courses (3000 or above)

Total Credit Hours: 18