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Careers in Sociology

With a degree in sociology, you can work for the government, do research and analyze data or even teach. You're learning important problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills that you'll use in several different careers. With your degree, you'll be ready to work in any field that deals with groups or people.

Work in human services

This is a career working in community organizations or social service agencies. In this field, you'll find plenty of jobs in labor, politics, criminal areas, law, recreation and family-related areas. If you're interested, it's a good idea to start volunteering with an organization now to gain experience and continue learning outside your sociology classes.

Social & Human Services Assistant Social & Community Service Manager
Clinical Sociologist Caseworker
Crisis Intervention Social Worker Employment Specialist
Community Health Educator Religious Activity & Education Director
Community & Social Service Specialist Family Services Social Worker
Child & School Social Worker Medical & Public Health Social Worker
Childcare Specialist Substance Abuse Social Worker
Home Health Aid  

Work in research and data analysis

Do you like numbers and enjoy doing research? With your degree in sociology, you can work in business, the government, libraries, non-profit, publishing or a research center. You'll collect and analyze population statistics to look at birth rates, marriage rates and deaths rates. You could also do demographic research, surveys and experiments to study the population and trends.

Research Director Social Science Research Associate
Social Survey Director Data Analyst
Principle Investigator Social Science Analyst
Policy Analyst Survey Research Technician
Statistical Analyst Demographer
Industrial Sociologist  

Work for the local, state or federal government

There are several areas of the government that focus on social life and changes in behavior. You can work in departments such as housing, urban development, defense, agriculture, commerce, transportation, education, energy and more. You can also work in your city at the municipal level, township level, school district or other boards and authorities.

Federal Level  
Customs Inspector Personnel Management Specialist
Employee Development Specialist Position Classification Specialist
Human Rights Worker Program Specialist
Intelligence Research Specialist Social Science Research Writer
Legislative Aid Policy Analyst
Management analyst Peace Corps Volunteer 
Social Ecologist  
State Level  
Analyst Investigator
Inspector Program Developer
Local Level  
Inspector Office Manager
Juvenile Court Worker Program Developer

Work in human resources

In human resources, you'll work to maintain an organization's positive environment, solve problems, lead training and more. Human resources work is a combination of human interactions and administration. You may also manage data, administrative tasks and public presentations. 

Affirmative Action Coordinator Employee Interviewer
Arbitrator Employment Specialist
Occupational Analyst Compensation Manager
Recruiter Greivance Officer
Employee Development Specialist Employee Benefits Manager
Job Classification Specialist Recreation Specialist
Employee Welfare Office Manager Labor Relations Manager
Lawyer Management Analyst
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