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Sociology Club

About the Sociology Club

The Sociology Club is an organization set-up by the students. The Club is designed as a place for students to meet and discuss anything to do with their courses, sociology, and society in general. We find that our sociology students are interested in making a difference in society and as such like to work through ideas and proposals to help in the community in a number of ways. One of the ways that the students help the TXWes community is to help run the Food Pantry on campus (located in PUMC) and organize the annual Food Drive in November.

Within our local community of Rosedale and PolyHeights we work in concert with the PolyHeights Home Owners Association (HOA) and help organize the annual Commnity Expo, bringing together organizations with resources together with our local residents who may be in need of those resources. We seek to take civic responsibility. Our goal is to learn about and act on popular social issues that affect vulnerable groups in our community. We encourage all students, faculty and community members to take civic responsibility by staying informed.

As a student-run organization, we decide what events and community projects to participate in over and above the ones we have planned and started such as the Food Pantry and the Community Expo.  

Meet the Officers

The Sociology Club meets every Thursday during Free Period, at the moment via Teams. Please ask one of the officers about the next meeting and/or being added to Teams. If you are not a sociology major but interested in working with us in the community please do join us, you are welcome!



The Sociology Club is prominent on campus and encourages students from other disciplines to join to show their support for the community and society in general.

Upcoming events include:

  • Sociology meeting in PMC 122 - Tuesday, April 26
  • End of semester celberation with alumni - Saturday, May 7

How do I join?

Joining the Sociology Club is easy. There are no requirements or membership dues. All you have to do is email the president of Sociology Club and get on the email list. Then you're ready to start helping your community.

Want to talk to an advisor? Contact Professor Alison Simons at

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