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Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program

What is the Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program?

The Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program takes Smaller. Smarter. even further. You'll take challenging and thought-provoking classes designed for academically curious and motivated students. There are two different ways to participate:

  • University Honors students participate in small seminar classes taught by outstanding scholars in their fields as they integrate honors classes with classes in their majors for a unique program that emphasizes thinking, writing, research, and experiential learning.
  • Departmental Honors students work with a professor in their major on a research project to expand their knowledge and enhance their resume.
Honors Program Mission

The mission of the Wesleyan Scholars Program is to provide motivated students the opportunity to enrich their university experience beyond their degree requirements through outstanding academic achievement, opportunities for student-student, student-faculty and student-global community research and exchange of ideas, and to affirm the University as a place for critical reasoning and logical decision-making.


Why Honors?

Along with additional research opportunities and exclusive classes, Honors students will:

  • Be given free books for University Honors seminars.
  • Have the chance to present research at University College Day.
  • Receive Honors recognition on your diploma after completing either or both programs.

Scholarship Opportunities

Texas Wesleyan Honors students have exclusive access to scholarship opportunities just for them.

Check Out The Scholarship Requirements