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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.

Athletic Training Resources

Are you looking for a form, document or another resources for the athletic training program? We have what you need right here. Can't find what you're looking for? Ask your advisor today.

Forms, Documents & Policies

Are you looking for a form to fill out or a policy to reference? You've come to the right place. Take a look below and get started today.

Infectious Disease Policy

ATEP Clinical Program Application Form

The Program is no longer acceptingapplications

Hester Scholarship Application Policy on Student Participation in Co-Curricular Activities

Board of Certification (BOC) Exam Pass Rates

In order to become a certified athletic trainer, you'll have to pass your BOC exam. Take a look at Texas Wesleyan's pass rates for the last several years.

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See Exam Results

Program Admission Requirements

Are you looking to become an athletic training major? There's a secondary admission process you have to go through to get into the program. 


Program Costs

As an athletic training student, there are a few extra costs you'll be responsible for outside of your regular tuition and fees. Take a look at the annual student expenses and additional fees below.

Keep in mind, your extra fees may not be limited to the ones listed here.

Additional Fees & Expenses

Annual Student Expenses

  • Student professional liability insurance: $37 annually through HPSO or NATA
  • CPR certification: $30 every two years
  • Apparel: $50-$250 (The program will supply a T-shirt and uniform polo-style shirt to each clinical student. Students must purchase their own khaki shorts and pants. Additional program logo shirts may be purchased)
  • Lab/Course Fees: $85-$255 as stated in catalog (Annual NATA student membership is included in lab fees)
  • Travel: Distance ranges from 0-40 miles round trip from campus (Costs will vary accordingly)
  • Immunization (HBV, TB Test): $0-$250 depending on insurance
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen (Required before ATR 3309 and ATR 4309): $45-$50
  • Background Check (required before ATR 3309): $5-$15

Senior Year Additional Fees

  • Texas Licensure Exam Fees (fees may change subject to state law)
    • Jurisprudence Exam: $34
    • Exam Application Fee: $169 (includes initial licenses fee)
    • Written Exam Fee: $75
    • Practical Exam Fee: $90
  • BOC Examination fees: $330