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Student Government


The mission of the Student Government Association shall be to interact with the administration, faculty, staff and students of Texas Wesleyan University on behalf of the student body for the betterment of all students’ experience. 

A Word from the President of Student Government Association

Hello RAMily!

We have made it to another year! Another year of laughs, another year of friendships, another year of highs and lows. These past couple of years have been a challenge. We came together as a RAMily and made it through something that felt impossible. It is time for a new start and to put the past behind us! We all have been called to greatness and are all prominent leaders and dreamers. Together we will invest in the school that cultivates these types of people.

You voted me as your Student Government Association president. You voted for qualities of greatness, seeing the big picture, the power of ideas, a people's president, and ultimately the road to victory! My job as your representative is to be the official voice of students within this institution. I have the unique opportunity to meet personally with President Slabach and the Board of Trustees and sit on various committees where significant decisions on university policy and student experience are discussed and made! I want to help to change your lives and experience at Texas Wesleyan for the better, as well as draw attention to important projects that will be beneficial to Texas Wesleyan and our community. Let's work together to make our RAMily stronger than ever.

Your voice is my voice.

Go Rams!

Jaylon Leonard, 100th Student Government Association President

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