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Welcome to the criminal justice program. Find out more about getting your Bachelor of Science in criminal justice.
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Criminal Justice

About Criminal Justice

In the criminal justice department, you'll explore subjects such as the cause of crime, trends in the criminal justice field, research and modern issues. In your classes, you'll learn about discipline and the important role it plays in law, business, security, courts, corrections, international think tanks and research.

As a criminal justice major, you're armed with the critical thinking skills you need to understand the concept of criminality and create solutions for a better tomorrow. After graduation, you'll not only be ready for your career but you'll be an educated, ethical and engaged citizen. 

Engaging Educators
Criminal Justice Professor Named To "Top 10 Brightest Educators" List
Cary Adkinson Ph.D., associate professor of criminal justice, has been selected as one of Better Tarrant’s “Talented 10: Education.”
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Movers and Shakers
Criminal Justice Alumna Makes Drug Bust On First Day Of Job
Nikki Lockwood ‘17 graduated from Texas Wesleyan with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She now serves the city of Southlake as a police officer patrolling the streets.
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Being An Officer Not Your Goal? Here Are Other Criminal Justice Careers
Studying criminal justice can put you on the fast track to serving your community as a police officer. But that isn’t the only track you can take. There are plenty of other careers you can pursue with your bachelor’s in criminal justice from Texas Wesleyan:
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Criminal Justice Degree Opens Doors For Bigger Salary
Interested in becoming a police officer or working in law enforcement? Criminal justice is the major for you. Not only will you explore subjects such as the cause of crime, trends in the criminal justice field, research and modern issues, you’ll also be set for a successful criminal justice career with more pay and promotion opportunities.
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The Coolest Courses You Can Take As A Criminal Justice Major
Ever wanted to get an inside look on why criminals break the law? How about the way professionals investigate crimes through the victim’s point of view? These are just some of the topics you’ll explore on the way to a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Texas Wesleyan.
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Extra Class
Funny Business: Students Study Criminal Justice Through Comic Books
Hercules. Loki. King Arthur. Wonder Woman. Batman. Luke Skywalker.

Since the dawn of man, stories of flawed heroes have taught us about good and evil, right and wrong, justice and retribution. Heroic figures define our moral and cultural boundaries and, like a mirror, reflect back our strengths and follies. So yes, Texas Wesleyan students and criminal justice majors are spending a whole semester reading comics.
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