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TX WES Food Pantry

TX WES Food Pantry Logo

The Food Pantry is a collaborative effort between the Sociology Club and the Polytechnic United Methodist Church. We would like to thank Eddie Castlow specifically for his unceasing push and drive to get this Food Pantry up and running.

The Food Pantry is designed to serve all members of the Texas Wesleyan community, including students, staff and faculty. We aim to provide food for our members regardless of financial status. If you forgot your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just need a snack to keep up your energy for those lectures, just swing by the Food Pantry and we will be happy to provide you with snacks. 

The Food Pantry is located on the first floor of the Polytechnic United Methodist Church building behind the main stairwell, Room 133.

History of the Food Pantry

The Food Pantry was initially set up in response to a need to provide food for students who could not afford food. A collaboration was formed between Texas Wesleyan University and the Polytechnic United Methodist Church. In Spring 2017 we opened the Food Pantry using space in the Fellowship Hall kitchen. The Student Government Association (SGA) donated $3,000 to help us buy food at the end of the Spring semester.

Unfortunately, events occurring in the Fellowship Hall made the Kitchen inaccessible to students at various times. The Church kindly donated the larger separate room we are now housed in behind the stairwell, Room 133. Over the summer, faculty cleaned the room and a local high school student organization came in to paint. Bookcases donated from various places, cleaned, and the process of moving out of the kitchen and into our new space began.

We were up and running at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester.


The Food Pantry is run by volunteer students and overseen by Dr. Simons. It is for the benefit of students, faculty and staff on campus. Each semester we have an intern, usually from sociology, who runs and manages the Food Pantry. We ask students to consider donating just an hour a week on a regular basis so that we can create a schedule for the semester and let students know when we are open. A sign is placed outside of the main doors of PUMC to let people know we are open. 

Student organizations may like to consider blocking off an hour or two each week and providing volunteers from their organization to fulfill their own service hour requirements.

If you would like to volunteer please call or email Dr. Alison Simons (817) 531-4908,

Annual Food Drive

Each year with the run up to Thanksgiving, the Food Pantry organizes a food drive. The items donated are distributed between the Food Pantry and the Polytechnic United Methodist Church, who then distribute those items to our neighbors in need. In 2021, we held our first Annual Food Drive Sculpture Contest and had an amazing turn out with a number of organizations competing to produce the best sculpture with their food.

Accessing the Food Pantry

If you are hungry, feeling peckish, or just want a cup of coffee, please come see us. We are located in the Polytechnic United Methodist Church building, in Room 133. We are in the corridor behind the main staircase. Yes, you've always wondered what was back there. Pro Joe and his art students painted murals to hang up in the corridor. 


If you would like to donate to the Food Pantry, we do accept checks. Please see Dr. Simons. We accept unopened food items, and toiletry items. At the moment we are limited to canned, dried food, and packaged items that we can store on our shelves. As more people use the Food Pantry, we hope to be able to include fresh produce as we do have two refridgerators. In December 2021, a gentleman came by twice to donate a total of $800. He wished to remain anonymous, but this means so much to us as all food in the Food Pantry is donated by faculty, parents, Churches, or the Student Government Organization.