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Verify Your FAFSA

What to do if I'm selected for verification

You may receive notification that you're selected for verification, which means you need to provide additional information before you can be awarded federal or state aid.

You haven't done anything wrong — applicants are randomly selected by the Department of Education Central Processing Center — but keep in mind that not completing your verification will delay your financial aid award.

How to complete verification

Verify your FAFSA using the FAFSA Verification Worksheet on Ramlink or bring any missing materials to the Office of Financial Aid on the third floor of the Oneal-Sells Building.

Common mistakes with verification

You could be missing just one thing – or maybe a few. Here's a few common mistakes with verification:

  • Not completing the verification worksheet on time
  • Not responding to email from Financial Aid staff
  • Not turning in tax transcripts (when required)

Finding out what’s holding up your application is easy – just check your Ramlink account.