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Welcome to our scholarship info. Find out how scholarships help pay for school.
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Find the right scholarship for you

There are several scholarships available for Texas Wesleyan students. Find the scholarship that you qualify for and that best fits your financial needs.


Freshman Scholarships

Are you applying for your freshman year at Texas Wesleyan? You may be eligible for these exclusive scholarships.

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Early College High School and Dual Enrollment Scholarships

Are you applying from an Early College High School, or are you Dual Enrolled at a community college with 24 or more college credits? We have scholarship packages just for you. See if you qualify.

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Transfer Scholarships

Are you transferring to Texas Wesleyan? We have scholarships just for you.

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Smarter U Scholarship

Undergraduate students can add an extra $3,000 to their scholarship every year. It all starts with visiting campus.

blue arrow Learn more about the Smarter U Scholarship

Department Scholarships

You may qualify for even more scholarships depending on what you want to study.

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Partner Scholarships

Several organizations partner with Texas Wesleyan to offer scholarships to select students. Find out if you’re a candidate.

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Methodist Scholarshps

Texas Wesleyan University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and receives funding from The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation, and conferences located in Texas to support scholarship programs for Texas Wesleyan students.

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Wesleyan Scholarships

Do you have a special connection to the university or the City of Fort Worth? You may be eligible for one of these scholarships.

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Anesthesia Masters Scholarship

Are you a TXWES Master of Nurse Anesthesia graduate? Great news, MSNA alumni that start their DNAP in one of the final two classes will qualify for big scholarships.

blue arrow Learn more about the Anesthesia Masters Scholarship


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