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Student Employment Supervisors

Student Employment Supervisors

Welcome, Student Employment Program Supervisors!

Please see below for more information on how to make this program amazing for our students.

Any other questions, comments or concerns can be emailed to Lindsay Trammell at

Please make sure that you are reviewing our 2022-2023 Updates and Reminders Video: SEP V3.mp4

SEP Supervisor Handbook

Here is a link to the most current SEP Supervisor Handbook:

Here is a link to the most current SEP Student Handbook:

SEP Supervisor Forms

Request to Rehire Form

  • To request that changes be made to a student employee's position, or for returning seasonal students who have not been gone longer than a year, please submit a Student Employment Request to Rehire Form
  • The Human Resources Office will check the GPA and the student's conduct.
  • Once the student has been approved, the Human Resources Office will email the supervisor when the student can begin work. 

Personnel Action Form

  • This form is used if a student needs to be paid additional compensation or retro-pay for a missed timesheet entry: Personnel Action Form.

Progressive Disciplinary Correction Action Form

 Student Employment Mentoring Framework


To assist you in the interview and hiring process, please review the following guides:

Federal Work-Study Quick Links

Below are the quick links that you may need in regards to Federal Work-Study, Texas College Work-Study, or Grant funded positions.

FWS Award Letter Example

SEP New Hiring Work-Study Workflow

SEP Rehire Work-Study Workflow


Separation and Resignations

Voluntary Separation 

  • Students are required to submit a resignation letter/email to their supervisor prior to their voluntary separation. A copy of this resignation will need to be sent to HR.
  • Please make sure that the date that the student plans for their last date is in the document. 

Involuntary Separation 

  • Involuntary terminations due to performance or misconduct matter must first be directed to Human Resources.

For more information about disciplinary guidelines, please view this document: Disciplinary Guidelines